Pet Diagnostics

Our diagnostic equipment makes it possible for us to understand your pet’s health on a deeper level. Since pets can’t speak for themselves, we have in-house tools that can help us do the talking for them. At Animal Hospital of Lewisville, we employ an in-house laboratory and digital X-ray in order to give our patients the best care possible.

Why We Recommend Annual Testing for Pets

Seemingly healthy pets can have more happening below the surface than we realize. Blood, urine, and fecal testing help us see essential information about your pet's health that is otherwise undetectable.

As part of our commitment to preventive care, we recommend yearly blood and fecal screens to check for parasites and diseases (and the potential for disease). Early detection is vital for maintaining your pet’s health and helping them sidestep future issues.

Pet Diagnostics in Lewisville: Owner Pets Cat
Pet Diagnostics in Lewisville: Veterinarian Gives Cat Ultrasound

Digital Radiography

Digital X-ray imaging has many advantages over traditional film X-ray, including:

  • Much less radiation
  • Higher-quality images
  • Faster processing with the ability to email X-ray images out to other doctors or specialists within minutes
  • A shorter and easier procedure for pets

With X-ray we can diagnose foreign bodies, broken bones, arthritis, and more.


The vets and staff are second to none. They treat all of our animals like their own. In addition, we are always done super quickly! They are punctual but offer the best and most thorough care possible. I never feel like my questions don’t matter! We work primarily with Dr. Journell and she’s the best!

- Joanna M

Dr. Journell is seriously the best. She kept our baby bear happy and strong for two years after he was diagnosed with heart failure. She understood what was right for him and what was to much for his body to handle. My husband and I love all the staff as well, always friendly and understanding.

- Casey J

The friendliest staff, cleanest facilities & competent, caring vets. My dog is as excited to come here as he is to go to the dog park, which makes my life much easier than if he was nervous and scared and I had to drag him there.

- Megan C


Animal Hospital of Lewisville

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