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At Animal Hospital of Lewisville, Your Pet is Family

Animal Hospital in Lewisville: Dog Licking Nose

We know your pet is important to you. It’s our mission to provide a superior level of care and service to every pet that walks through our doors, and to help you weather the ups and downs of keeping them healthy. Whether your companion is in their first year of life, a senior, or somewhere in between, our veterinary services will help you feel confident about the decisions you make for their care.

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Supporting Your Pet with Routine and Emergency Care

We're a full-service animal hospital here in Lewisville, which means we can meet all of your pet's needs for a comfortable and happy life.

Whether they are visiting due to an illness or to have their yearly checkup, our flexible services can improve their quality of life and give them more time to spend with you.

Animal Hospital in Lewisville: Pets Sitting Together
Animal Hospital in Lewisville: Pets Sitting Together

We Help More Than Cats and Dogs

Whether they have paws, wings, or webbed feet, species of all kinds are welcome in our animal hospital. While we do not specialize in exotics, some of our team members are qualified to work with different species.

If you have an exotic pet, call our hospital in advance and we'll try to match you with a veterinarian who can provide the proper care for your companion.

Some of our veterinarians see and treat patients outside of dogs and cats, including:

      • Rabbits
      • Pocket pets (such as guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, and chinchillas)
      • Backyard poultry and other birds

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